About Us

Black Dragon Fireworks has been family owned and operated since 2007. It all started with owners Chad and Jenny Flanders and Aaron and Michelle Williams, a small tent, a few thousand dollars in fireworks, a passion for fireworks and a dream to be big. After a few years of selling our dreams were tested as storms blew through Hickman grounding our tent 3 years in a row. With the help of close friends and customers we were always back and running within 24 hours. We would not let God’s test tear down our dreams, in fact it made us stronger and more determined to be successful. With our strong will and motivation we continued on and we now run a 60x100ft tent in Hickman, with 2-4 additional locations in surrounding areas, and host one of the biggest FREE fireworks demo shoots and pyromusicals this side of the Missouri.

We are passionate about fireworks and love building long-lasting relationships with our returning customers. We stand behind our products and only offer the highest quality fireworks at the lowest prices. We offer a huge selection of cakes, artillery shells, missiles, fountains, firecrackers and more.

We take pride in educating our staff about our products and we are small enough that we are able to provide personalized customer service. Any of our team members have the knowledge and drive to help you plan your next backyard party. Visit any of our tent locations or shop online for over 10 years of customer satisfaction.

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